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Pest Control Solutions F.A.Q’s

1. Why do I need a pest control professional?
The pest management professional relies on pesticide application as just one part of a total pest management program. The untrained consumer, who purchases a pesticide over-the-counter, can only make an intuitive judgment on how to properly apply the pesticide. However, the pest management professional relies on training, expertise and more sophisticated techniques to manage pests in an environmentally friendly manner.

2. How much does pest control service cost?
Because each home is unique in its pest control needs, please call so we can give you an accurate estimate. Many people are surprised at how affordable professional pest service can be.

3. What insects are covered by the general pest service?
Spiders, crickets, ants, roaches, silverfish, and mice are generally covered under routine general pest control service. Fleas, ticks, stinging and other flying insects require different and often difficult treatment strategies and thus are charged accordingly.

4. How long will it take before I see results?
It depends on the pest and severity of infestation. Generally, you will see a reduction is pest activity immediately after our first visit, in some cases it may take several visits.

5. How long will the treatment take?
Different pest problems require different methods and products. Moisture, sanitation and environmental conditions, can all affect how long a treatment may last. Most interior applications can be preformed in less than 1 hour.

6. Are these products dangerous to kids and pets?
All professional pest control products have been registered for use by the EPA. When they are applied according to label instructions by technicians who have been trained and licensed to use them, they pose virtually no risk.

7. Do I have to leave my house during a service?
No, usually not. However, during certain types of services such as flea and tick treatments, it’s better if all occupants leave the home for a period of time. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will direct you on the specifications of each treatment.

9. When you come to service my home, where will you treat?
First and foremost, our technician will inspect your property and advise you of their findings as well as a strategic plan for managing the pest problems. From that point, the technician will make applications to the areas where insects live and hide, as well as applying a barrier around the exterior of your home. This usually includes treating the eaves, base of your home, window sills and all entryways into the home. The interior treatment (if you choose our All-Seasons premium service) typically includes treating at the doorways, windows, under cabinets and other areas that insects hide and live.

10. How often should I have service?
Everybody has a different threshold of acceptance for pests. Some people feel that seeing a single insect (dead or alive) between services is too much. While on the other hand, some feel that a few insects between services are acceptable. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to design a service to suit your particular needs. For most homes we recommend at least a quarterly service plan.

11. I keep a clean house. Why do I still have bugs?
Typically insects will come inside when outside conditions make it uncomfortable for them or they are simply looking for food and moisture. No matter how clean your home is, pest can and will enter your home in many different ways.

12. How may I pay for service?
Payments may be made several different ways. You can pay with cash or check at time of service, prepay for a time period or we can bill you. We also accept most major credit cards. Additionally, online payments are coming soon.

13. If I don’t see any pests, can I skip a service call?
No. the reason you are not seeing pests is because you are part of a maintenance program. For us to maintain control, we must perform all of your services

14. What if it rains after my service?
All of the materials used in our pest management programs are designed for all weather conditions.

15. I didn’t smell anything after your service technician left.
We only use EPA approved low-odor products.

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